Call For Paper - 2nd Scientific Communication in Fisheries and Marine Science 2018


Call for paper - 2nd Scientific Communication in Fisheries and Marine Science 2018

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Omni-Akuatika 13 (1) - May 2017

 Year of 2017 is one step ahead for Omni-Akuatika to progress its performance by providing the readers fully articles in English. In fact, Internationalization of our journal is strategically important in order to enhance the readability and impact of Omni-Akuatika for the scientific community. This policy is in accordance with Indonesian Government expectation through Minister of Research, technology and Higher Education stating and encouraging scientific communication i.e. international publication is one valuable indicator of country’s competitiveness.

 By this year Omni-Akuatika increases the number of articles published in a given issue. The current volume consists 15 research papers.

 Regarding fish and fisheries commodity as a research subject, first paper conducted by Budi et al determined the stability of red tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) development using Fluctuating asymmetry of bilateral meristic characterization. Second, Amron et al studied the types and characteristics of sound produced by fish (Terapon jorbua) as their behavior representation using acoustic approach. Third, Wijayanto et al develop a model of profit maximization applied to the giant gourami (Osphonemus goramy) culture. Forth, Haryono and Ambariyanto proposed a management priority for spiny lobster management based on biodiversity genetic of lobster in Southern of Central Java. Lastly, Erlania explored the potential of wild seaweed in Labuhanbua waters prior to aquaculture development.

 In the ecological system, Suriani et al described organic matter production from two mangrove species Rhizopora mucronata and Sonneratia alba from Aceh Besar while Kurniawan provides insight the chronosequence effect of the post-mining ponds on residual metals extent and their impact on micro-ecosystem change. In oceanographical aspect, the readers will find the study of flow resulting from beach wave written by Irham and Setiawan.

 The current volume also presents another interesting aspect in fisheries and marine science. For instance, the topic of marine pollution (Effendi and Ramses; Ismarti et al; Kurniawan) and mariculture related studies (Djokosetyanto et al; Barat et al).

 We gratefully thanks to all contributors and reviewers in this volume.


Dr. Agung Dhamar Syakti

Posted: 2017-05-28

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