Bathymetry and Hydrodynamics in Pare Bay Waters During Transitional Seasons (SeptemberOctober)

Ulung Jantama Wisha, Aida Heriati


Sedimentation on Pare bay and Karajae estuary originated from the run off of Karajae River. High
sedimentation process leads to the adverse effect of abiotic environmental changes. The aim of this
research is to analyse bathymetry condition and hydrodynamic characteristics of the area in
understanding sediment distribution on Pare Bay. Corrected bathymetric data by tide data is
processed using Surfer software 9.0 versions to analyse Pare Bay contour in 2D and 3D, the result
show depth ranges from 0 to 20 meters. Flow model module by MIKE 21 software was used in
hydrodynamic simulation (MRSE 11.44%) and shows that current condition in Pare Bay was
dominated by tidal (within its speed up to 0.43 ms-1), surface currents speed is higher and more
random than the speed in water column and near bottom. Due to its location, Pare Bay is directly
influenced by Indonesian Through flow which has strong currents flow and cause mixing and
turbulence along its way, this condition influences Pare Bay condition, especially in the process of
sedimentation and turbulence.
Keywords: bathymetry, currents, hydrodynamics, sedimentation, pare bay

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