Species Composition and Distribution of Tropical Marine Macroalgae In The Pari Island Reef Cluster, Jakarta

Firman Zulpikar, Tri Handayani, Jeverson Renyaan, Husen Rifai, Bayu Perisha


The objective of this study was to analyze the species composition and distribution of marine macroalgae at Pari Island reef cluster-Seribu Islands reef system Jakarta based on specimen information available in Reference Collection of Research Center for Oceanography (RCO-LIPI). The Macroalgae specimens were collected irregularly by researchers during marine expedition projects from 1973 until 2014. Taxonomic identification of specimens was conducted in 2014, validation of species names was updated in May 2020 through www.macroalgaebase.org. The floristic composition value of macroalgae was analyzed using the C/P, R/P, and (R+C)/P ratio. Bray-Curtis similarity index analyzes were performed to visualize differences in macroalgae species from the different islands. We recorded a total of 41 species from 25 genus and 18 families. Rhodophyta represented the most significant number of taxa with 20 species (49%), followed by Chlorophyta with 11 species (27%) and Phaeophyta with ten species (24%). In this study, we found that Sargassum polycystum, Gracilaria salicornia, Amphiroa fragilisima, and Halimeda opuntia are dominant species in the study area. The highest macroalgae diversity found in Kongsi Island with 33 species, while the lower diversity found in Pari Island with five species. Bray-Curtis Similarity index showed that Kongsi Island and Burung Island have the highest similarity value with 29,26%, while Tikus Island and Pari Island have the lowest similarity value with 11,76%. The macroalgae distribution in the Pari island reef cluster influenced by the difference of substrate profile and environmental pressure derived from human activities. Proper management of macroalgae resources is necessary to preserve the sustainability of the macroalgae ecosystem.


Keywords: macroalgae, composition, distribution, Pari Island

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20884/1.oa.2020.16.2.819

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