Shoreline Change Analysis of Pontang Cape of Serang Regency of Banten Province

Abdurrahman Al Farrizi, Ankiq Taofiqurohman, Subiyanto Subiyanto


Coastal areas, being vulnerable to environmental problems, have one of the most frequent problems which are the change in the shorelines. Shoreline changes, namely abrasions, can cause problems such as land degradations or loss of land in a coastal zone. This problem occurs in many areas, one of which is Pontang Cape. This study aims to determine the distance and rate of shoreline changes that occured in the Cape and its surroundings, as well as explaining the analysis points based on similar studies that had been conducted. This research used ArcMap software and Digital Shoreline Analysis System (DSAS) toolset to determine the distance and rate of shoreline changes for 19 years (1999-2018). Based on the results, there were two shoreline segments where different phenomena of shoreline change took place, namely Banten Bay (accretion) and Pontang Cape-Lontar (abrasion). The most likely causes of changes in the shorelines are sediment runoffs from rivers that lead to bay and sediment transports that affect Banten Bay accretions, while sea sand mining and conversions of mangrove swamps into fishery ponds are factors affecting abrasions in Pontang Cape.

Keywords: Abrasion, Accretion, Pontang Cape, Banten Bay, DSAS

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