Profil Suhu, Oksigen Terlarut, dan pH Secara Vertikal Selama 24 Jam di Danau Kelapa Gading Kabupaten Asahan Sumatera Utara

Eva Lia Risky Sinaga, Ahmad Muhtadi, Darma Bakti


Lake Kelapa Gading is an artificial lake located in Asahan district of North Sumatra province. The
purpose of this study was to determine: 1) description of conditions of temperature, dissolved oxygen
and pH vertically in the water for 24 hours, 2) production and consumption of oxygen in the waters of
Lake Kelapa Gading. The study was conducted in March-April 2016 with preliminary and main
research activities. There are three observation stations are stations 1 (near KJA), station 2 (the area
near the settlement) and station 3 (outlet). The measured temperature ranges from 30-35 ºC.
dissolved oxygen highest in the surface waters of 5.12 mg / l during the afternoon and the lowest
occurred at a depth of compensation of 0.64 mg / l when the weather is rainy. The measured pH
value ranging between 6-9. In general there is a decrease in temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH
with increasing depth. The highest percent saturation of 71.30 % in the surface waters. Comparison
between photosynthesis to respiration indicates that there has been a deficit in respiration is greater
than the value of photosynthesis. dissolved oxygen concentration has reached a deficit at a depth of
36.5 cm to reach at night.
Keywords: dissolved oxygen, lake, pH, saturation, temperature.

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