Bioekologi Fitoplankton di Laguna Gampong Pulot (LGP) Kabupaten Aceh Besar

Syahrul Purnawan, Irma Dewiyanti, Teuku M. Marman


The objective of the present study was to determine the diversity of phytoplankton and its
relationship with physical-chemical water parameters of Gampong Pulot Lagoon, Leupung
subdistrict, Aceh Besar. The collecting of phytoplankton and water quality were conducted in
December 2014. According to field assessment, there were six stations to represent the study site.
We recorded 25 species of phytoplankton from class Bacillariophyceae, Dinophyceae and
Cyanophyceae. The abundance of Bacillariophyceae was 1202.02 ind / L classified as moderate,
while Dinophyceae and Cyanophyceae were 621.13 ind / L and 208.49 ind / L, respectively,
classified as low abundance. Bacillariophyceae was dominated by Rhizosolenia sp. with 26% of
composition. The diversity index has varied from 1,88 to 2,63 indicated as moderate value.  Based
on Principal Component Analysis (PCA) showed that the physical-chemical water parameters related
to the abundance of phytoplankton in Gampong Pulot Lagoon.

Keywords: phytoplankton, lagoon, diversity, leupung

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