Pakan Ikan Alternatif Berbahan Baku Lokal untuk Calon Induk Ikan Gurami (Osphronemus gouramy)

Sri Marnani, Taufik Budhi Pramono


The aims of this study was to get local raw material of feed fish  able to improve growth and
development of gonads  and composition of the artificial feed and feed supplement that can improve
the reproductive performance of gouramy fish. The method used is the method of completely
randomized. The research was used completly randomized design with four  treatments and four
repetition. The treatmens tested were four kinds, pellet commercial (60%) additional sprouts mung
bean (Phaseolus radiatus L), fruit peel papaya (Carica papaya) and cabbage (Brassica oleracea L) by
40%, and a pelleted commercial (100%) as control. Absolute growth ranges from 6-425 g, the relative
growth of 3.7 to 22.1%, the growth day 1-7,1 g / day, feed efficiency from 7.8 to 29.33%, GSI 0.1 to
1.1% and HSI 0.8 to 1.7%. Temperatures ranging from 23- 31,5⁰C, pH 6.6 to 7.5, Oxygen 5.0 - 6.2
ppm , ammonia  0 - 0.25 ppm. Supplemental feed mixture (40%) and commercial pellets (60%) can
improve the growth and reproductive performance brood gouramy. Results of measurement of
temperature, pH and ammonia still qualify live gouramy.

Keywords : alternative fish feeds, brood, Osphronemus gouramy

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