Kajian Aspek Populasi Menggunakan Model Pertumbuhan Allometri Spesies Kerang Kapah di Pantai Binalatung Kota Tarakan

Firman Firman, Gazali Salim


The research goal was to compare the shells types of Kapah (Meretrix meretrix; M. lyrata; Gelonia
coaxans) that found in the Coast Binalatung area, Tarakan and to assess the growth of shellfish
allometri. Sampling is done by making a transect along the coast Binalatung as much as 12 transects.
Each transect arranged lengthwise along the beach with 25 meters of each transect. Sampling was
carried out in the absence of repetition with an area of 25 x 25 meters transect. Sampling was done by
using tools such as Kapah’ rakes. The result showed the M. meretrix constistes of 63 % of Kapah’s
population while M. lyrata and G. coaxans represent 27 % and 10 % respectively. Growth comparison
between shell length and weight was considered as positive allometri while comparison between thick
shells and weight of shellfish Kapah was allometri negative.

Keywords: shellfish kapah, allometri growth, Binalatung, Tarakan

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20884/1.oa.2016.12.2.99

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