Effect of Different Doses of Fermented Organic Feed on the Growth Performance of Oithona sp. in Semi-Mass Culture Condition

Suminto Suminto, Diana Chilmawati, Dicky Harwanto


This research was aimed to know the effect of different fermented organic feed on the growth performance of Oithona sp. in semi-mass culture condition. The Oithona sp. cultures were fed with mixed organic fermentation of pulp, bran and fish meal by using probiotic microbes and phytoplankton cells. There were 4 treatments and 4 replicates. Treatment A was the Oithona sp. cultured with added Chaetoceros calcitrans cells without fermented organic feed (0 g ∙ L–1 of medium culture). While B, C, and D were added with the same numbers of that C. calcitrans cells of 2x106 cells ∙ mL–1  and  0.5 g ∙ L–1, 1.0 g ∙ L–1, 1.5 g ∙ L–1 of fermented organic feed, respectively. The results showed that the dosage of fermented organic feed had significantly different effect (P < 0.05) on the growth performance of Oithona sp. culture. The best growth performance of Oithona sp. showed by adding 0.5 g ∙ L–1 of fermented organic feed, with total density of  7.09 ± 0.11 ind ∙ mL–1, population growth rate of  0.116 ± 0.002 ind ∙ d–1 and eggs production of  7.88 ± 0.93 eggs ∙ ind–1  of adult.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20884/1.oa.2018.14.3.456

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