Romi Novriadi, Ibtisam Ibtisam


Development of  Artemia  culture  is  needed  to  support  larvae  production  sustainability for  fisheries commodities such as fish and shrimps. One of concern facing Artemia production is newly infectious and non-infectious diseases that cause lowering quality of the Artemia  growth and survival. Disease control on Artemia production was depend on the different sensitivity of the cyste uses and divers patogenity that potentially infect the Artemia. Amongs them, bacterium, called Vibrio spp   is the most prominent infectious agents. As an invertebrate, Artemia has no equipped with an adaptive immune system, thus, they depends on the natural immune system without memory system. One of natural immune system owned by Artemia is activation of prophenoloxidase (proPO) and phenoloxidase (PO) enzymes that play key role on melanization, cell-adhesion, degranulation and encapsulation processes. This review article focus on the effectiveness of natural immune system activated by β-glukan and their immune responses of Artemia culture.

Keywords  :  immune  system,  β-glukan,     Artemia,  Prophenoloxidase,  Phenoloxidase,  Vibrio  spp, Immunostimulan

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20884/1.oa.2014.10.2.17


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