Model Dinamik Pengelolaan Jasa Ekosistem Waduk Koto Panjang Kabupaten Kampar Riau

Trisla Warningsih, D Djoko Setiyanto, Achmad Fahrudin, Luky Adrianto


The study aims to establish the management model of ecosystem services Koto Panjang Reservoir.
The approach used in this modeling is the Dynamic Modelling. The results showed the value of
prediction error of the simulation results based on the data used was in the range 0.4 % - 4.64 %. The
simulation results show the value of economic growth in 2020 will reach its peak value Rp.3,3 billion.
The economic value of the total economic value of the four main activities of the utilization of
ecosystem services Koto Panjang Reservoir namely; KJA cultivation of Rp.1,1 billion, tourism Rp.1,6
billion,  fishing by paddle for 60 million,  fishing by fishing boat engine at Rp.489 million. Model
scenarios developed by increasing the KJA growth of 30% and 100% for tourism, managed to
increase the total economic value of Rp.5,08 billion from previously around Rp.3,3 billion or an
increase of approximately 53.95%. The increase in the economic value derived from an increase in
the economic value of Rp.1,56 billion KJA activities and improvement of the economic value of
tourism activities Rp 2,9 billion.

Keywords: ecosystem services, reservoirs, total economic value, dynamic modelling

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